Amongst the Stars

A celestial-minded take on autumn’s favorite trends. The fall collections from our most magical designers, Sugarhigh Lovestoned and Samantha Pleet, are imbued with a smattering of stars across plush jewel toned velvet along with further inspiration from the cosmos above. Shop the edit below.

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Editorial courtesy of Sugarhigh Lovestoned

PHOTOGRAPHY : Erika Astrid | @erikaastrid

MODELS : Tay Demery | @taydmry & Adelina Siniak | @adelesiniak

MAKEUP: Leilani Sunglao | @leilani.sunglao

HAIR: Ava Mihaljevich | @avamihaljevich

CREATIVE: Ginny Slim | @ginnyslim

VIDEOGRAPHER: Zach Mann | @izacmann

ASSIST: Jazmin Gallardo, Evan Fischer, Kailee Mann