Sugarhigh Lovestoned Capricorn Zodiac Tee - 30% Off

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Sugarhigh Lovestoned Capricorn Zodiac Tee - 30% Off

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Capricorns…. very good listeners & give awesome advice. But don’t cross them, because putting someone in their place is a special “gift” they have, and they're not afraid to use it. Made out of 100% enzyme washed cotton to make it even softer, this tee is modeled after an actual vintage tee shirt. Style with Sugarhigh Lovestoned's Woody stripe pan and your best bed-head. If you dare, go bare underneath your tee, rock with your best mom jeans, and a copy of Just Kids. As always, Sugarhigh Lovestoned didn’t make very many ~ stock is limited, so get it or regret it.

  • Color: Black

  • Water-based inks, hand-pulled screen print

  • 100% cotton, pre-shrunk

  • Model wears size S

  • Made in the USA

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