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  1. Coven x Alicia Elliott Handmade Incense Bowl
  2. Coven Figue Incense Cones - Luscious Black Fig
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  3. Coven Figue Candle - Luscious Black Fig
  4. Coven Séance Candle - Wooded Amber Santal
    Sold Out
  5. Coven Basilica Candle - Golden Oud Incense
  6. Coven Cinépoème Candle - Sultry Dark Rose
  7. Coven Viridiana Candle - Green Cannabis Psychedelia
  8. Coven Narcisse Candle - Elaborate Floral Bouquet
  9. Coven Séance Incense Cones - Wooded Amber Santal
  10. Coven Basilica Incense Cones - Golden Oud Incense
  11. Coven Narcisse Incense Cones - Elaborate Floral Bouquet
  12. Coven Cinépoème Incense Cones - Sultry Dark Rose
  13. Coven Viridiana Incense Cones - Green Cannabis Psychedelia