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Crude Oil-Absorbing Pull Cloths 6 Pack Grey

  • $25.00

Try Crude's gray cloths to reduce makeup stains! Since water and oil still aren’t on speaking terms, H2O alone won’t do the trick when oil cleansing with Crude Cleanse. Remove cleansing oil from the skin with this super soft, hyper-absorbent cloth made from the highest quality microfiber in existence. We know this whole cloth thing is new, but we also know you won't miss getting your PJs soaked every time you wash your face.

  • After using Crude Cleanse, thoroughly wet and ring out a clean Pull cloth, lay it on the face and breathe deep to soften and soothe skin. Remove cleansing oil by gently rubbing the cloth in small, circular motions.
  • Be sure to wash Pull with a gentle, natural laundry detergent between every use and air dry to keep your cloths extra-absorbent.
  • Includes 6 cloths
  • 100% microfiber
    ** This item ships separately. 

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